Declare STATE OF EMERGENCY On Your Welfare Law And Practice In Your Association – Yomi Fabiyi

In order to have your members return to attending meetings, paying dues/fines, obeying the association’s constitution and the forum to look more organised and united, the following should be done in terms of WELFARE:
i. Ensure that your WELFARE & PRO OFFICERS irrespective of their status are level playing artists, who doesnt see competition in anyone but very free, compassionate and active.

ii. There must be a NATIONAL WELFARE COMMITTEE with uptodate DATABASE of members.
iii. The National Welfare Committee must consist of the a)National Welfare Officer, b)The Assistant & c) State Welfare Officers d) Four(4)Volunteers appointed.
iv. There must be a bank account for THE NATIONAL WELFARE COMMITTEE 
v. Part of the annual levy of Each members as agreed by the NEC must go into the committee’s account monthly.
vi. The Welfare Committee upon the instruction of the President & NEC must be there for each member in times of: a) Meriment, b) Funeral, c) Civil or Criminal case until final judgement
vii. Incase of a deceased member, the Committee within 48hrs must attennd the deceased known residence or family housewith a condolence visit and offer to support in the burial as agreed by the family. 
viii. The Committee must ensure that they check on the deceased immediate family every forthnight for 3months after burial to ensure stability  and support if any need arose.

ix. The Welfare Committee should have a section on the association website that celebrat with members on their birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries and so on. 
x. Penalties and Sanctions of members must be carried out according to the laid down laws and not sentiments. And on no account should the committee shift position on any member facing disciplinary actions except the FEC vetoes their earlier decision.

xi. The Committee must attract meaningful and affordable programmes which are health related to the association, benefiacial to them and their immediate family. Health Insurance, Health Tips, Medical practitioners on locations, excercise ETC

Yomi Fabiyi


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